Will the 7-Year-old iPhone 6S be bought in 2022? Review Camera and Pubg Test

Will the 7-Year-old iPhone 6S be bought in 2022 Review Camera and Pubg Test
Will the 7-Year-old iPhone 6S be bought in 2022 Review Camera and Pubg Test

Introduction Of Will the 7-Year-old iPhone 6S be bought in 2022? Review Camera and Pubg Test

Will the 7-Year-old iPhone 6S be bought in 2022? Review Camera and Pubg Test. Our phone has a more durable case structure than the iPhone 6, we can see a 7000 series aluminium case here. Let me tell you that we do not encounter problems such as bending and twisting of the case anymore. When you take the Ilirim phone in your hand, you feel that a quality case has been used.

When we look at the front of the iPhone 6s

And it comes with weight, especially if we use the phone with one hand for a long time, let me tell you when we don’t have any hands. When we look at the front of the iPhone 6s, we see the classic home button and thick frames here. It is entirely up to you whether this design structure has a disadvantage or advantage, so if you like this classic design of Apple, this is it. thick frames may not be a problem for you.

Now when we move from the design to the screen side, the 4.7-inch HD plus resolution with the Apple retina thread flooding panel comes with a 60er refresh rate and 326 PPI per inch pixel density on this screen. Let me also say that it has 3d touch support, which was removed with rue tone and iPhone 11 series, that is, with true tone support, the iPhone 6s can adjust the colour balance of the screen according to the ambient light.

Slightly lower level compared to models such as iPhone 7

It does not come to the screen, but I can say that the vividness of colours and the overall visual experience of the screen and a slightly lower level compared to models such as iPhone 7 8, but if you do not have very high expectations in terms of visual experience in general, if you are not someone who watches a lot of TV series on the phone, I can say that the iPhone 6s screen will also please you.

When we look at the brightness ratio, let me say that it comes in front of us with a Maximum brightness of 500 nits. If there is, the panel quality will be weaker in every sense, so it will give a worse experience both under the sun and in daily use. Now, I can say from the details, I think our phone is still good for its price.

If we look at one of the areas, namely the cameras, we encounter a quality sensor with a 12-megapixel f2.2 aperture on the back, equivalent artificial intelligence and a five-element lens. When we take into account its price in the 2000 TL band, it can still give us a really good performance compared to its price in environments with sufficient light .

The iPhone 6s can capture quality frames

When we take it in a way, the iPhone 6s can capture quality frames Uz The biggest disadvantage of this camera is that even if the ambient light is a little less, there is a lot of graininess in the photos. Considering that it is a seven-year-old device, it is not something we can expect too much. When we look at the front camera, unfortunately, we see a low-resolution five-megapixel camera here.

As the front camera, it falls behind today. When we look at the video shooting performance, I can say that the video performance is the most effective side of the camera here. We can shoot quality videos at 30 FPS with his support. Although it is not very good because there is no oil at the stabilization point, the camera of the iPhone 6s is much better than this model in its price band, so Dollar is a seven-year-old device on the camera side.

The iPhone 6s plays all other games

Despite this fact, I can say that it is still successful. Now, when we move from the camera to the hardware part, here we come across the 16-nanometer architecture Apple A9 processor, one of Apple’s Ageless processors. If you don’t load games and transfer the videos you shoot to the computer from time to time, I can say that 32GB is relatively sufficient for this, but I suggest you look at the models with at least 64 GB, and I am not sure how it performs in daily use and games without going into technical details .

First of all, in pubs, HD graphics are 30 fps. Even the fact that a seven-year-old phone can run pubg in paired graphics is a nice detail, in terms of game performance, the house can be a dirty group A, but I can say that it is not at an unplayable level, but I can say that it gives a nice pleasant neck experience in general. Of course, the iPhone 6s plays all other games. You Can Also Read The Most Powerful Redmi Note 11 Pro + 5G 🔥Review and Camera Gaming Test.

However, it still does not cause us any problems, especially when we play games such as pubg in high traffic for a long time. Our device gets a little too hot and consumes the battery very quickly in games. If you play a lot of games, I recommend you to buy high-amp batteries, which are sold as victims in the market. With these batteries, we can achieve an additional battery performance of 30%.

iPhone 6s can go live right now

Even in daily use, the iPhone 6s still works in the iOS 15 version. iPhone 6s can go live right now. So in general use, the iPhone 6s offers us a still and reactive experience, and it is very easy to use in one direction with its small size. Of course, as I said here, the battery health of the device is a very big factor in its performance, that is, when your battery health reaches 80% and below, you may experience freezing problems on your phone.

To avoid this, I suggest you keep the battery update. Now let’s take a quick look at the battery features of your phone, here is a small 1721 milliampere battery Let’s say that it only supports five times when meeting the fast charging part, let’s say that the iPhone 6s can be charged from 0 to 100 in two and a half hours with this adapter. If you are one of the high-milliampere batteries that.

I have said that sold as equivalent, we can raise the level of battery performance that can take until the evening in normal use. Apart from that, with an original or sub-industry 1700 milliampere battery, if you force it for an average of three hours, it will last for a maximum of three and a half hours. we can get screen times, so if we are heavy users during the day.

The screen pollution of iPhone 6s speakers

We may need to charge the phone at least two or three times during the day, now if we talk about the security option, we only see the second generation touch id sensor integrated into the Home button. This touch id sensor works stable and fast as soon as we touch our finger. We quickly get rid of the screen pollution of iPhone 6s speakers, nor when we land, Mono.

So while it comes with a single speaker, this speaker is not very successful both in terms of height and on the side of your feeling, but it does not have bad quality, the sounds are clear and smooth, but both in height and the quality of the sounds, In addition, we feel that it is really behind the standard of our day. In addition, the iPhone 6s.

Which does not have any resistance to water and dust, has been announced in the software part, while iOS9 has been announced, it has now been received in iOS 15.3 version without any problems, and it is also said that it will receive iOS 16. With the iPhone 6s, the phone that has received the longest update in the world, as the general software performance, iOS devices are a shame in terms of efficiency, we do not have problems with the devices for many years, the biggest example of this is the iPhone 6s. It may be a logical choice, but if you want to use an iOS device.