The Most Powerful and Cheapest Tablet iPad Air 5 vs iPad Pro

Introduction Of The Most Powerful and Cheapest Tablet iPad Air 5 vs iPad Pro

The Most Powerful and Cheapest Tablet iPad Air 5 vs iPad Pro. iPad Air 5, which is Apple’s most powerful and at the same time the cheapest tablet compared to its power and the most performance model among mobile devices, and what it offers us is worth buying with its current price. Is n’t it worth it? While we can buy the 64 GB version for 599 dollars, unfortunately.

New generation iPhones in iPad Air 5

We can buy this device for a really high price of 10 thousand 700 TL in our country. But when we look at the features it offers, when we consider the following conditions of the market , 10 thousand 700 TL makes this device affordable in many points . 10700 TL is definitely low. not a price but offered When we look at its features, it really offers us a performance that is much higher than its price .

That’s why I will continue to explain over the Air 4, when we look at the back, we see a more angular, hard design like the new generation iPhones in iPad Air 5 , let me state that it comes in very nice colors as color options. Especially the blue tone can change color according to the environment. iPad Air 5 has a really simple but very stylish design, and one of the advantages of the rope value is that the type c charging port is located on.

The iPad Air 5 instead of the lighting port . she’s the one we went to iPad Air is both light and thin compared to a Tablet with a thickness of 6.1 millimeters and a weight of 461 grams. Because this 461 grams of weight is distributed very proportionally to the case, it does not tire our hands even when we use it for long periods of time. When we look at the front, we see a full-screen design.

Which Apple calls liquid retina

Although the edge bezels are a bit thick, let me state that it still gives the feeling of a full screen. Unfortunately, Face iD cannot be seen here, while there is an integrated Touch ID on the power button at the top. This fingerprint reader can work very quickly and stably . A screen with a resolution and a pixel density of 264 Ppi has been presented to us, as well as this screen.

Which covers 100% of the dci-p3 color space, this screen, which Apple calls liquid retina, gives a very good visual experience. The only problem here is that it is high. the refresh rate is not presented to us Apart from that, the anti-reflective coating also provides us a comfortable use under the sunlight . So this screen will be more than enough for most users.

If I have to talk about the chipset , we can say that the most important aspect of this device is its processor . I can say that with this processor, you will be able to render even our 4K 60 fps videos very quickly. Other than that , I don’t even need to say for daily use, whether it’s games or application openings, I can say that the Air 5 is beyond the tablet world in terms of incredible performance.

This means iPadOS 23 24′ Until now

Besides, 6gb RAM 64gb and 256 GB. Storage areas are also offered to us. If you are considering a long-lasting use , the 256GB one will make more sense. When I look at the camera part, when I look at the camera part , it can even shoot 12 megapixel f1.8 aperture Smart HDR 3 supported 4k-60 FPS videos on the back.

On the front, we see a very successful camera with Artificial Intelligence support that automatically adjusts the frame with its 12-megapixel Ultra wide-angle camera . Let me tell you that 20 Watt fast charging adapter will come out of the box, which is quite sufficient for any use. When we look at the software side, iPad Air , will receive regular updates for at least 8-9 years. You Can Also Read Samsung Galaxy M52 5G Extended Use Review and My Experiences.

This means iPadOS 23 24′ Until now, we will be able to see these Updates. In terms of longevity , this device is very reasonable in every sense. Wifi 6 Bluetooth 5.0 in wireless connections and if you want, those who want to buy the sim card version can also use 5G support. We have 4 speakers in the speaker section , but we have dual speakers, although the performance is very good, we cannot get a high-level experience as an.

Final evaluation about the iPad Air 5th Generation

iPad Pro from this speaker, apart from these, we will be able to use the iPad with a display port up to 6k resolution by connecting it to a monitor like a desktop computer. This is a professional device. Among the details that make it close, friends, let’s make a final evaluation about the iPad Air 5th Generation, we can say that this device is more suitable especially for those.

Who do professional work on a tablet . It will be a very logical choice for those who are looking for a very efficient device in terms of battery. But of course, getting the 64 GB version does not make much sense for this device . If you are thinking of buying a device, especially if you are going to play games, I do not recommend that we approach the iPad Air 5 at all. Because.

When we buy the iPad 9th generation in the 5000 TL band, you can easily play all the games at the top graphics without the slightest freezing problem. The M1 Processor, if iPadOS allowed it, could easily play Pubg on 4 tabs at the same time with the top graphics at 60 Fps, of course, the processor performance is the biggest factor not only for games, but also for the general performance of daily use and applications .

Encounter a 4-speaker system in iPad Pro models

I’m not exaggerating , friends. If you buy an iPad Air 5 , it’s a tablet for 9 to 10 years. The absence of FaceID technology in this device can be added. Of course, 120 Hz promotion is not presented to us on the iPad Air 5 on the screen. On the speaker side, there is a dual speaker system on the iPad Air 5 , while we encounter a 4-speaker system in iPad Pro models.

It is a very logical model for those who do not have high speed problems on the finished screen and seek a more affordable alternative to iPad Pro and want a device as powerful as iPad Pro at the same time . I have to mention that if you are using iPad Air 4, the a14 bionic processor will take you for many years.

Although the M1 processor has brought a huge difference to the mobile world, iPadOS is still not at a level to respond to the capabilities of this processor, so in the coming years, as the iPadOS operating system develops, this processor will clearly emerge. What do you think about Air 5th generation.