Samsung Phone Recommendation for Every Budget 2022

Samsung Phone Recommendation for Every Budget 2022
Samsung Phone Recommendation for Every Budget 2022

Introduction Of Samsung Phone Recommendation for Every Budget 2022

Samsung Phone Recommendation for Every Budget 2022. Samsung We will briefly review the best price-performance author with the production of the product.

Choose the best devices among all Samsung devices

He tried to choose the best devices among all Samsung devices, up to a very budget, for this, I will make really useful suggestions for those who say they want to buy a Samsung device, first of all, let me talk about the two most affordable phones that can be bought by Samsung. The house 22 model I can say is in this device if he wanted it, the phone is very similar prices and when.

I look at the features it offers, I should say that they are very close. If you want to say that the two models offer a very similar experience as I said in general, let’s start with a short review of the Galaxy 22 without wasting any more time, and towards the end of the video, we will make a nice summary and evaluation about all devices in general.

Friends, this device does not have a very balanced package. Apart from that, our device, which has a completely plastic structure as all material, has a thickness of 8.4 millimetres, a thickness of 186 grams and a weight of 8.4 millimetres. I can say that your screen, which has a low pixel density, is the best model on our list in terms of refresh rate .

MediaTek’s Hello g80 processor

When we go down to the chipset part, we see MediaTek’s Hello g80 processor, which will be very pleasing in average use. Let me tell you that this process is presented to us in Cem 4GB 3-4 GB storage area with 12-nanometer architecture, its current price is 3200 3300, the game performance changes for me. In addition, abide HD graphics can play nicely on the 30 express without many lag and freezing problems.

We can’t expect a higher gaming performance in this price band. Now when we talk about the camera part, our main camera is 48 megapixels with a 1.8 aperture and it is equivalent to no device in this price band. When we do not see it, there is an Optical Image Stabilizer in the camera. When we look at the auxiliary camera, when we look at the 8-megapixel Elif 2.2 Ultra wide angle and two megapixel macro and depth detection cameras.

When we look at the front camera, when we look at the 13-megapixel resolution ep 22 diaphragm portrait and a camera with equivalent support. We can see the island at the video point, we can shoot full HD 35 market dollars with its front camera on the back, but the photos we took with the rear camera are very good compared to the price thanks to the list support.

Android 11 and Vanya 3.1 interface is positioned

Adam 4 comes out in the software part, Android 11 and Vanya 3.1 interface is positioned on the Galaxy a 22, unfortunately, Kent is the only one at the point with the stick, so you have your mobile operator, I was not at the security part, I was not at the security part, I stated that there was a fingerprint reader on the side and could see the wifi 5mp Bluetooth 50 technology in wireless connections.

There is no energy support in your device, besides, we said that there is no certificate in the dust-proof part and we moved to second place on our list. I will talk about the most prominent features of this device. All in that video, you can access it from the cards section right now. Semele with 26.7 full HD plus resolution and a super-surgery panel. You Can Also Read Samsung Galaxy A53 5G In-Depth Review Camera and Pubg Test.

Let me tell you that it is presented to us on this screen in the fresh prayer when it comes. let’s say in terms of game performance, we can easily buy 60 someone Emel 25 TL. Our device, which has a completely plastic structure, with a thickness of 7.4 millimetres and a weight of 173 grams, I can say that it is one of the lightest and thinnest devices in its price range, I can say that we have a triple camera on the back.

S Galaxy Emel gives very successful results

As you can see, S Galaxy Emel gives very successful results in terms of photo shooting quality compared to its price. In a shooting part, we can shoot 4K 30 frame videos on our rear camera. It comes with a 5000-milliampere battery in the battery part and there are 25 now Semiz in the fast lane, but only 15 different adapters come out of our box.

I should point out that it is currently in the 5400 TL band for Galaxy Emily, it is in a nice position with this price, it is in the 3rd place of our list with that much form rate. We see captive mi fi in trigon, which is an ambitious model. There is a detailed review and long usage test on the channel about this device.

It has an 865 processor, on the RAM side, if we say that there are 128d 256gb models as 6 and 8 GB storage space, and if we quickly switch to the camera from the hardware, our second camera comes with 12 megapixels, very successful cameras, while the third camera is 8-megapixel old point with 4 aperture. The telephoto lens, which.

Android 14yk will take this compilation

We have not seen any device on the yacht band, which provides us with the opportunity to do d32 optical zoom with this lens, which provides us with the opportunity to make d32 optical zoom. At the video shooting point, we can take beautiful shots with the rear camera of something 4 times with the support of a pastelist. Android 14yk will take this compilation .

There are also stereo double speakers with captive mfd Dolby Atmos support. I can say that captive Efe, which can withstand one and a half meters of water for 30 minutes with its ip68 certificate, is one of the most logical devices to buy, although the fourth device in the list uses the Exynos chipset, it can do really good work and when we consider the dollar rate, it comes to a very reasonable level.

We made a detailed examination of it. I will put it in the cards section, I recommend you to watch it, first of all, when we start the design, I should say that it is very similar to the es21. It is a very stylish design, I have to say when we look at the screen side, 6.4 full HD plus With resolution and 120ex new prayer, a dynamic surgery panel appears before us.

An 8-megapixel telephoto camera is included

As the ultra-wide angle 3rd camera, an 8-megapixel telephoto camera is included, as the photo shooting quality, we can get a good performance both in the year of the Sun and from the income shots, the details in the photos, the colour saturation Everything is as it should be, on the video side, with this camera, you can give it to us with 4 added pisteoist requests, Ken, In terms of overall camera experience, let me state that it is one of the best for its price, and in the hardware part, the ex2100 processor is in front of us.

We do not have a problem, but I have to point out that it is a somewhat troublesome processor at the heating point. Our phone heats up a little more than its counterparts. But this heating is not reflected as a loss of performance to us. When we look at the battery side, it has a 4500-milliampere battery and 25 watts of fast charging support.

11 F E positioned speaker has serial speakers. Let me tell you what a fingerprint reader placed under the screen of your device is, it works very well in terms of stability, while you see blue fi6 Bluetooth 50 and energy support in wireless connections, we have Android 11 and Wow 4 intermediate ring in software, and es21 fen’s ip68 certificate is also water and dust resistant.

The biggest minus of this phone is its 3701-amp battery

Let me also say that it is protected against, in terms of what I find. Very successful in the camera section. A detailed review of this device is not on our channel. However, it will be reviewed very soon. This device is very high-quality Wakanda, while it does not swim. League refresh rate is also positioned on this screen.

When we take a quick look at the photo shooting quality, I can easily say that one of the highest quality sensors is currently used in this phone. Frankly, the biggest minus of this phone is its 3701-amp battery and 25 different fast charging support, and I have to say that it is the weakest device in the list in terms of performance, but 25 watts fast sherb.

We can charge our phones in a very short time, as I said, as I said, I will not go into more details. An in-depth review of this device will come. Now, when we take a look at the last row of our list, we see one of the most ambitious devices of the mobile world in all aspects, namely the ultra, this phone is very much like 6.8 on the screen. On the way, Plus resolution and farmed fresh prayer are also offered to us. Accept it again. I can say that the device with the best blood in the world.