Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Review Pubg and Camera Test IS IT REALLY BUY?

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Review Pubg and Camera Test IS IT REALLY BUY?
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Review Pubg and Camera Test IS IT REALLY BUY?

Introduction Of Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Review Pubg and Camera Test IS IT REALLY BUY?

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Review Pubg and Camera Test are IT BUY? Samsung’s affordable flagship S21 FE with you and test it in detail on the Exynos 2100 processor. Your support is very important to me. let’s start with the design of the S21 FE. When we come across it, I can say that when our camera module stands.

The classic Samsung design in the S21 FE

A little different from its competitors with this design that is positioned separately from the back cover, we can see the classic Samsung design in the S21 FE, it was not as a camera, but on the ledge of the camera module Unfortunately, our device also has thickness and weight. First of all, the S21 FE is 7.9 millimetres thick and 177 grams in weight, compared to the Galaxy S21 FE S20 FE.

When you take it in your hand, I can say that it is a more comfortable model to use. On the other hand, the S21 FE comes with very vibrant colour options, but I can say that this black model we examined gives the device a slightly higher segment Premium feel, except for the plastic back cover in the design direction. Let me state that I find it very successful .

It comes with a 120 Hz refresh rate and 240 Hz touch sensitivity Let me tell you that HDR support is also placed on our device, whether our phone is in general use or watching video series when I try the image it gives and thinks about its current price, the most successful screen at this price is the Samsung S21.

The Galaxy S21 FE

In FE, I can say that in the fluency part, this screen can make us feel the 120 Hz experience easily . ‘s screen can reach a brightness of around 850 nits terms brightness, especially in summer, at a level that can be easily seen in sunny environments with the screen of this device. I can say that the screen bezels are also very thin, and this is among the details that increase our full-screen experience while watching anything.

So, as I said, a screen that can exceed your expectations. If we move on to the hardware part presented to us in the Galaxy S21 FE, I think the most curious point with this phone is the Exynos 2100 processor. Frankly, as someone who doesn’t like Exynos processors very much, I can say that the 2100 processor surprised me, we will see the test results soon .

It manages to get 1052 in a single core and 3237 in a multi-core. These results show that the Exynos 2100 processor is very close to Snapdragon 888, that is, we encounter a processor with around twenty-five per cent more performance than S20 FE with Snapdragon 865, which give you gaming performance. While it can play at 45 fps up to HDR graphics in ak or pub, it can give us a 60 fps gaming experience in smooth graphics.

Fast S21 FE me in the performance part

As you can see when we turn on the FPS counter, we can encounter occasional fps drops. I can’t say that it affects our gaming experience badly because these drops are usually around 2-3 fps. What does 50 52 know about FPS, so if you’re a professional, this performance may not please you, but I can say that we can get a pleasant gaming experience for a general user.

In terms of warming up, of course, after 30 minutes, I have to mention that our device does not get too hot. The Exynos 2100 processor is much more stable than the previous series, but we still can’t get a Snapdragon-level gaming performance, but it can give a flagship-level performance in daily use, whether it’s application openings or menu transitions. You Can Also Read CAN I BUY IPHONE X IN 2022? CAMERA AND PUBG TEST.

It’s pretty fast S21 FE me in the performance part. m met my expectations, now let’s move on to the camera side, while we see a 12-megapixel high-quality sensor on the back of our main camera, this camera comes with f1.8 aperture and that request. We see the ois supported Telephoto camera if we compare it with the.

Low light performance, the S21 FE

S20 FE in terms of photo shooting quality, gives successful results on both phones in daytime shots, but the accuracy of colours and the details of the objects are a little sharper in the s21 FE, and in low light performance, the S21 FE is one step ahead in terms of contrast ratios. I can say that the graininess is a little less in the S21 FE.

So that you can better understand the difference, let me leave you with photo examples. When we look at the front camera, we see a 32-megapixel camera capable of shooting 4k 60 fps videos at F 2.2 aperture. The interface will continue to receive security updates. It is quite satisfactory in terms of bass and treble sounds separate, but the sound quality is really good .

Unfortunately, the adapter does not come out, I can say that it is a little sad in terms of battery performance. In average use, we can get screen times between 7 and 8 hours at 120 Hz. In other words, it is completely game-oriented and we can get a screen time of three and a half to four hours in use. Regarding the battery, what I can say about it.

The S21 FE is not good, not bad

The S21 FE is not good, not bad, so we can say that it has a medium level of performance. Now if we look at the security options, our under-screen fingerprint reader is presented on the S21 FE. I can say that the reader works stably, that is, there are no cases such as misfire or intermittent detection, while it works faster than the under-screen fingerprint reader .

Hopefully, it can withstand 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes, but I still say avoid liquid contact. Because in case of possible damage, our Samsung device is under warranty. Friends, now let’s make a final assessment of the Galaxy S21FE. It has a very balanced package, but s21 fe is a price-performance device. Don’t let the 2100 processor scare you either.

A processor that causes problematic performance loss like the old model processors is not used here. I can say that they have completely fixed these problems in the Exynos version of the S21 FE in the S20 fe.