Samsung Galaxy M52 5G Extended Use Review and My Experiences

Samsung Galaxy M52 5G Extended Use Review and My Experiences
Samsung Galaxy M52 5G Extended Use Review and My Experiences

Introduction Of Samsung Galaxy M52 5G Extended Use Review and My Experiences

Samsung Galaxy M52 5G Extended Use Review and My Experiences. Galaxy M52 users can help you to use the device more effectively by stating their opinions and questions in the comments and to clear the question marks in their minds when they buy this device. We see it in the galaxy M52. The camera protrusion here.

The Galaxy M52 has a lighter and thinner structure

What can I say, but unfortunately I should also mention that our device has a completely plastic structure, it has a problem in terms of durability, it is very suitable for scratches and discolouration. Considering these, I suggest you choose black colour, I can say it is better in every respect. Apart from that With a thickness of 7.4 millimetres and a weight of 173 grams.

The Galaxy M52 has a lighter and thinner structure compared to its competitors, but since we have a plastic case, I can say that when we do not have it, I cannot say that it is a successful device in general terms in terms of design, but it also has advantages if I have to talk about the screen 6.73 A beautiful screen that supports full HD plus resolution and 120 Hz refresh rate with a Super AMOLED Plus panel in size, is presented here, 120 Hz screen brings our user experience to a very good point in the screen fluency section .

In addition, watching something on the phone In our panel quality, the colours should be vivid as they should be, and the event of showing the white colour yellow tones close in this section is not on the screen for Emel. If you like watching movies, you can’t see HDR support on this screen. Unfortunately, we can’t see it on this screen, but I don’t think it’s necessary.

Galaxy M52 doesn’t get too hot at the point of warming

At least, it’s not a big disadvantage in this price band. There is no definite information about the brightness ratio, but as an experience, the brightness of this screen will not upset you in any environment. If we talk about hardware and performance, I think We see the SnapDragon 778 5G processor, one of the most logical processors of 2022. You Can Also Read iPhone SE 3 2022 Detailed Review Camera and Pubg Test IS IT REALLY BUY?

This processor can easily get 60 fps support in smooth graphics in pubg mobile with its good hardware in terms of game performance. Galaxy M52 doesn’t get too hot at the point of warming while we don’t have problems with crashing. When we play games for a long time, it can feel warm enough to be felt in our hands, but as I said, it’s not at a very uncomfortable level, I’m talking about slight heating.

Apart from that, the general performance of the phone is very fluent with a 120 Hz screen. We do not experience any slowdown or freezing problems either in the menu or when switching between applications. While we see the amount of ram in 8GB on the RAM side, we also have 128 Gb of storage space. In terms of hardware, this device will easily take you at least 2-3 years without any performance loss.

Secondary camera of 12 megapixels Ultra wide angle

Our main camera has a nice camera with an f1.8 aperture that supports HDR and EIS. We also have a secondary camera of 12 megapixels Ultra wide angle and 5 megapixels Macro shooting camera, frankly, all 3 of our cameras can give very successful results compared to a mid-segment device. We can take quality photos, especially in scenes that are not too dark, but in the video part, this device can make us swim a bit .

We can shoot up to 4K 30 frames, but there is no OIS anyway, EIS does not work very well. When we look at the front camera at a really good level, we have a nice camera that can offer us 32 megapixel HDR and portrait mode. On the battery side, a 5000 milliampere battery has been presented in front of us and we have 25 watts support as fast charging support, but unfortunately, a 15-watt adapter comes out of the box content, although this adapter can be charged from 0 to 100 in about two hours, it is already in a single charge.

If you play games with the M52 5G

We know that we can enjoy 1 day comfortably, even if you play games with the M52 5G, it can easily take you until the evening, that is, until the evening, that is, I should say that I am satisfied with the battery, unfortunately, it comes with a mono speaker in the speaker part, and this speaker did not satisfy me in any way, the loudness is also very good.

I can’t say that it is successful not only in terms of sound quality but also in terms of sound quality. On the side of the internal software that comes with Android 11 and OneUI 3.1, the thing is successful. With the latest Updates of Samsung, the interface has become quite stable. Even when we leave too many applications open, our phone does not slow down.

I can say that I am very satisfied with the performance of the Galaxy M52 in general. The Samsung M52 is a suitable device for heavy usage. inside It certainly doesn’t let you down. Also, I think that this size, panel quality, responsiveness and performance are quite sufficient for the players. It is a device that can be easily purchased with its price in the band of 5600 TL at the moment, but let me briefly talk about all its pluses and minuses, as a battery, it can easily last a day, even 1.30 days.

The negative aspects of the Galaxy M52

The screen quality is quite sufficient, and when we think about the price of the flagship device, it gives a very fast responsive experience, but The screen size and the case size are really big and it is really difficult to use with one hand. The speaker quality is not at the level we want, and we can say that.

The lack of resistance against water and dust is one of the negative aspects of the Galaxy M52, but it is currently a flagship device. When you want to enjoy at least $700, you need to review it alone. Considering these prices, Galaxy M52 manages to make up for the cons with both its price and what it offers. In addition, it supports up-to-date wireless connections such as the Samsung M52 5G wifi, one of its most important advantages.