Samsung Galaxy A53 5G In-Depth Review Camera and Pubg Test

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G In-Depth Review Camera and Pubg Test
Samsung Galaxy A53 5G In-Depth Review Camera and Pubg Test

Introduction Of Samsung Galaxy A53 5G In-Depth Review Camera and Pubg Test

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G In-Depth Review Camera and Pubg Test. Samsung introduced Exynos processors, which it had taken a long break in mid-range devices, namely Galaxy a Series, with Galaxy A53 again, and with the Galaxy A53. Do not close the video after hearing Exynos, because Samsung here is a processor.

The Galaxy A53 model compared to the old Exynos

That works very efficiently and also protects the stability of the Galaxy A53 model compared to the old Exynos processors. It is positioned in 5G. Also, let me tell you that it is more successful in terms of feature balance compared to Galaxy A53 A73, its price in our country is currently 400$. This device has 8GB of ram and 128GB of storage space. The price band of the Galaxy A53 is a very competitive price range. In this price range, there are very successful models by Apple, such as the Galaxy S20 FE, and the iPhone SE 2020.

According to them, what are the pros and cons and the A53 5G Model is worth buying mi In this video objectively all the plus and We will take a closer look at the Galaxy A53 with its cons. Before we go into the review, for more videos like this, SUBSCRIBE AND TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS at the bottom. If you make me happy.

Also, before we start the review, I want to talk about the box contents of the Galaxy A53, only our phone and a charging cable are here. When we add this, it will be around 460$. So we need to allocate a budget of at least 10$ for the adapter. This can be counted as a disadvantage. Now if you want, I will say let’s start with the design of our phone, but when we look at the Galaxy A52S, we look at the Galaxy A52 model .

Designs continue in the Galaxy A53

When we look at it, I can say that there is no difference compared to its predecessor, almost the same designs continue in the Galaxy A53, and the hand-hold feeling, and the material quality are also very similar. Let’s continue to explain them from the phone point of view, as the design structure, and the camera module integrated with the back cover have been installed, I can honestly say that I like this classic design of the Galaxy series.

We are facing an improvement in the thickness part of the Galaxy A53, we also have a thickness of 8.1 millimetres and a weight of 189 grams. I also have to say that it is a tiresome device, we can see a reinforced Polycarbonate structure in terms of material quality here and I can say that the flexing problem in the case has been eliminated compared to the A52. You Can Also Read Poco F4 GT Preview and Price.

I can say that the design of the Galaxy A53 gained my appreciation with me and the white colour suits the Galaxy A53 5G now. If we talk about the side, it has a very good pixel density of 407 PPI in full HD plus resolution, which can offer us a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED and 120 Hz refresh rate .

Screen also covers 100% of HDR and DCI P3 colour space

Let’s mention that this screen also covers 100% of HDR and DCI P3 colour space. I can say that it is close to a flagship device, I can say that it is a very suitable woman for all kinds of use, besides, some users on the Galaxy A52s said that the colours on the screen were close to yellow tones, I did not have such a problem in that model, but I can say that there is no such problem in the Galaxy A53.

I can easily say that the colours appear correctly as they should be, let me specify when the exaggerated colours are not on this screen We can say that it is a little behind compared to the A52S, but in terms of battery performance, the Exynos 1280 chipset can work more efficiently than Snapdragon 778 g .

At this point, the balance between remains is well preserved, we can say that when Samsung appeals to general users who do not have very high FPS expectations on the gaming side, and in addition, we have 6 and 8 GB RAM 128 GB storage space. The model in our country will only have an 8 GB RAM option. On the side of 1280 game performance, we can only support 30 fps in pubg and we can go up to HD graphics at the most, frankly, I think this processor can give a much higher performance here .

Do not encounter problems such as Galaxy A53

We certainly do not encounter problems such as Galaxy A53, I have to say that fluency and daily applications do not upset me. I have to say that this device does not particularly upset me. The most effective side is the camera performance, while walking the quad camera system on the back, 64 megapixels, but our camera is very successful compared to the middle segment.

Which includes F1.8 diaphragm and OIS support, I can say that the camera is very successful. frankly, there is no need to worry about more technical details. I can say that the camera experience is one of the best in the middle segment. I am using a reliable application to earn, I will tell you a little about the application here. I am talking about Bonomo Yes, you can see the money in your real account at the top right and we can make really good profits by investing. I also currently have 2 upward investments worth 600 TL.

I will do it, then after waiting for a while, the investment is finalized and as you can see, I won and the amount of 1,600 TL was transferred to my real account. Different withdrawal and deposit methods have also been offered to us. Now, we continue with the camera, the main camera is really good. I can say that the ultra-wide angle camera performs very well according to this segment.

The cameras of the Galaxy A53 deserve

Also, we can now run ois in 4K videos, this support There is almost no device in the middle segment, the Samsung A53 We can say that it stands out in this regard, regarding the anti-vibration in videos. According to its price, I like it very much. If you are thinking of buying this phone and shooting video, it may be a logical choice. We see a camera that can shoot eos, in general, the cameras of the Galaxy A53 deserve its price.

Let me reiterate that the battery performance of the A53 5G is not a device that will let you down during the day, as I said, the Exynos 1280 processor is a processor that uses the battery as well as the performance, we can see screen times between 7 and 8 hours with a 120 Hz screen without playing games on this phone.

When we play, I don’t think you will have any problems with this device with a battery that can last a day when playing, if we talk about the software, the Samsung A53 comes with Android 12 and OneUI4.0 and will receive Android updates for four years, that is, our support up to Android 16. Let me state that our device. which comes with stereo speakers, still has a very high-quality sound system, wifi 5 Bluetooth 5.1 NFC And of course 5G Samsung Galaxy A53.

We can unlock the Galaxy A53

Apart from that, we also have an under-screen fingerprint reader in the security part, I didn’t notice much speed difference compared to the A52. probably the same Fingerprint sensor This video, but we can read this video on our fingers decisively and quickly, and finally, we can unlock the Galaxy A53, which is protected against water and dust and is protected by an ip67 certificate.

If we are going to make a general evaluation, first of all, we are faced with a device that will not upset us, I can say that it is very successful in terms of battery performance and general performance of the device, but when I think of its price above 450 $, it is a big question mark because here is the S2. 0FE and even Galaxy A52S have very serious competitors in the 400$ band. On the Apple side, we can show the iPhone SE 2020 as a competitor to the Galaxy A53, and I can say that it is ahead of some important points in these devices.