Poco F4 GT Preview and Price

Poco F4 GT Preview and PricePoco F4 GT Preview and Price
Poco F4 GT Preview and Price

Introduction Of Poco F4 GT Preview and Price

Poco F4 GT Preview and Price. We just got the Poco F4. I’ve transferred my picture, he will make a review blog, that is, we will talk about all the features of the Poco F4 GT and what it gives us in the first experience. I can also say that we will take a brief look at the camera performance. Now, without wasting any more time, let’s start with the review of our device .

Poco logo and the 5G inscription

When we look at the phone from the outside, I can say with waste that it has a different understanding of sorry than other models, the camera module has a protruding Poco logo and the 5G inscription is beautifully positioned on the clock section of the case, besides, our case structure now comes to the angular design, which is today’s trends, our back cover is glass as material quality. We can see a metal structure on the frames here.

I can say that it feels very high quality and premium in terms of hand-holding feeling. In terms of thickness and weight, the Poco F4 GT welcomes us with a thickness of 8.5 millimetres and a weight of 210 grams, but it is acceptable for its size. I have to say when it has an acceptable thickness, but in long-term use, this device can see our hand a little, frankly, in terms of design, especially the details on the back cover and the matte back cover.

Which has full HD plus resolution

I liked the material quality compared to the price. 6.67 Amoled panel welcomes us. This screen, which has full HD plus resolution and 120 Hz refresh rate, offers a very sharp and smooth visual experience. I can say that this screen is a little weak, but we can even see HDR 10 + in the technologies your screen supports. Although it is a game-oriented device, the screen quality is kept at such a high level .

We can see its processor, namely the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, which has 4 and architecture. This processor is one of the fastest and most responsive devices you can get on the market. In the game, it can easily play at the highest graphics settings with a stable 60 FPS, on heating, especially when you play for a long time. Our device heats up clearly. Our device heats up clearly.

It comes with 8GB and 12GB two different Rams. We also have 128/256GB storage options. When we look at the camera part, we have 64 megapixels f1.9 Eis support for our main camera. Sony IMX 686 Sensor is in our main camera, while the second camera is 8-megapixel f2.2 ultra wide angle, and lastly, we have a 2-megapixel Macro shooting camera.

What the F4 GT offers on the battery side

Its straight shots are quite successful, but the camera quality is of course at a much more successful level compared to other cameras. In the video part, there is the possibility of shooting a 4k 60FPS video suitable for the flagship device. While it comes with the 12, the interface performance is also quite fluent and simple, at least I have to make up for it.

In addition, when I look at what the F4 GT offers on the battery side of the F4 GT positioned on our device in stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos support, it comes with a 4700 mah battery and 120 watts with excellent fast charging support. Let me tell you when the adapter comes out, we can fully charge it from 0 to 100 in an average of 25 minutes.

The top technologies in Poco F4

In the wireless connections section, we can see the top technologies in Poco F4. The most up-to-date technologies such as wifi 6e Bluetooth 5.2, 5G, and NFC are positioned, but unfortunately, there is no problem against ice. we have no stamina We can also see the integrated fingerprint reader in the security section. Let me also tell you that this fingerprint reader is very stable and works very quickly.

In the price section, 8GB RAM 128GB storage and a sales tax of 499 Euros, Xiaomi is around 11 thousand TL in our country with a nice price arrangement. Poco can bring the F4 GT Apart from this, we will be able to buy this device for 7000 TL globally. Besides, considering the price and the features it offers, I can say that it is at a very, very successful level. Poco F4 GT seems like a great candidate to be this year’s price performance champion.