MSI GP66 Leopard RTX 3070 Laptop Review

MSI GP66 Leopard RTX 3070 Laptop Review
MSI GP66 Leopard RTX 3070 Laptop Review

Introduction Of MSI GP66 Leopard RTX 3070 Laptop Review

MSI GP66 Leopard RTX 3070 Laptop Review. Which is the most powerful laptop that I use, we will take a closer look at these performance aspects with you, I say try this laptop seriously for about 7 months. I can easily say that the Leopard RTX 3070 is much earlier than other models. Friends. If this review is of interest to you, I will try to present it to you in more laptop reviews.

The most important criticisms of this laptop

There is a detail Yes, this model of yours, MSI GP 66 leopard model. Unfortunately, it comes with a 512gb composition. When we look at it, this model comes with 1 terabyte SSD as minimum base storage in all other countries in the world. positioned here In fact, when we look at it, we can still say that the price is high.

Despite this price, I can say that the 512gb SSD is one of the most important criticisms of this laptop, and when you want to increase the storage space of this laptop, you definitely cannot do it yourself. Let me tell you when it is out of warranty, so you have to take your voice and send your laptop to MSI service. This is a real waste of time for a week or two.

Since I don’t have any spare computer, I had to buy external and audio because I don’t have time to give the computer and wait for a week or two. Now that we have given this information, let’s start with the design of our article, as usual. I have to mention that it has a structure that gives confidence when using it in terms of its beautiful stance and durability .

The most successful screens is in this Laptop

While we see the e-jack input one 100 130 port, when we look at the other part, we have 2 Yunus and one entrance, and on the back, we can see the charging input, ethernet HDMI and DisplayPort. Strangely, there is no tray input in the upper segment device. Leopard With a weight of 2.38 kilograms and a thickness of 23.4 millimetres, when we skip the screen side.

The IPS LCD panel of 15.6 inches, which can offer a 240 Hz refresh rate, reaches 100% srgb, and I have to say that one of the most successful screens is in this Laptop, when we look at the processor side, Intel Core The i7 11800 h processor is positioned on our device, and its 24-megabyte cache is asked in front of us in an eight-core 16-tread structure and I can say that this processor consumes a lot of power. In jobs such as hop or design, this processor can easily handle all kinds of scenarios .

In addition, in Cinebench r23 3D Mark applications, we have tested you in both magic and jeep, if you want, let’s take a closer look at all this with nice music. And when we play long-term games, we do not experience a performance flight. In terms of cooling, this device is very successful. I can say that the cooling system is incredible, and the fact that your screen is 240 Hz is one of the most important details here.

The keyboard of the laptop

We can supplement our device. There is a 512 GB nvme m2 SSD in our device. When we do the tests, you can see the results on the screen at the moment. It is very successful in reading and writing speeds, and in the wireless connections positioned on our voice device, we have the most up-to-date wifi technology such as wifi 6.

Hayri argues that while the stereo speakers come before us, I have to mention that when the speakers provide a very good experience in terms of unnecessary performance and unnecessary loudness, I can say that the pressing feeling of the keys and emergency lighting is also at a very good level, from the keyboard of the laptop to the keyboard of the laptop.

It turned out beautifully and with its software, we can shape this lighting as we want. I will try to convey this to you in the last evaluation part of the process, my friends. video rendering including Autocad and 3D graphics processing applications. There are six 3070 graphics cards, it is possible to achieve almost twenty per cent more performance on these graphics cards.

The most successful among the laptops

Also, it is not enough to just give this performance, besides, it needs to be as successful in the cooling system. Along with that, the cooling system of this device is very successful with the ventilation channels. I can say that the laptop gets cold in a minute or two, no matter when you run the editing sequence from the optimized keyboard, I can say that the most successful among the laptops.

I have used so far, that the MSI Gp66 is positioned in the MSI Gp66. When I think about performance and screen fluency, we come across an incredibly fast device. Of course, this Laptop needs to be connected to the charger to continue like this, and I can say that this charger is almost a kilogram both in terms of size and especially in weight. let me say that we felt it seriously.

When you throw your bag away, but when we look at the desktop side, I have to mention that when we compare it with the RTX 3060 ti desktop computer, the e-message 66 gives much better performance. So it’s a portable workstation and the same I have to mention that when it is a very serious gaming machine at the same time, 3200 MHz ram with 16 GB dual channel positioned on the side is sufficient.

Similar results in all Gaming laptops

There will be no problems for 5-6 years. In terms of longevity, so you can invest once and use it for many years. Am I talking about a laptop? Yes, I don’t think it is a very suitable device for those who move a lot or do not like to use webtop fixedly because as I said, the device As long as it is not connected to the charger, I can say that it does not give its full performance, as it gives similar results in all Gaming laptops .

When you put it in your backpack, your back can get tired after a while. It offers 240 new fast speeds. I can say battery performance, although there is a 65-watt battery in it, this battery can give a screen time of up to two and a half and three hours at the most, with the 240 hunger screen and the processor really struggling . In addition, they are looking for you.

I tested the battery of my laptop in detail, sometimes I released 60 and sometimes 246 and when I bought and used it, I could see two hours at most in terms of material performance, and three and a half hours as you said. Of course, when we look back at the new books, we can say that they give similar results. I mean, I don’t think there is anything to criticize here.

But I use it now, but when I look, I always take the tab with me when I go out. At this point, the battery pushes me. I can’t tell when I play a lot of games, even though I just state when we download games for testing. If someone wants to buy one, I’ll leave the links in the explanations section below. You can reach me by commenting on the plan, not what it says. I bought it for TL, now we said that it is 40 thousand TL, so it may seem like it has made a double profit here, but there is absolutely no call because when we looked, 20,000 TL was then in the band of 2500 dollars.