iPhone SE 3 2022 Detailed Review Camera and Pubg Test IS IT REALLY BUY?

iPhone SE 3 2022 Detailed Review Camera and Pubg Test IS IT REALLY BUY
iPhone SE 3 2022 Detailed Review Camera and Pubg Test IS IT REALLY BUY

Introduction Of iPhone SE 3 2022 Detailed Review Camera and Pubg Test IS IT REALLY BUY?

iPhone SE 3 2022 Detailed Review Camera and Pubg Test IS IT REALLY BUY? The design of the iPhone SE. It does not have the slightest difference from the one on the bottom, even the location of the Lightning port, speaker, microphone and volume controllers are completely preserved. Here, let me just specify.

iPhone 13 12 g The ibi top has no difference compared

What is a little darkening in red, especially Product Red, this red colour adds a different feel to the device, iPhone 13 12 g The ibi top has no difference compared to these models. Its premium material structure is also durable. SE 2022 makes us feel what it is easily. In terms of thickness and weight, it is a successful device, with a thickness of 7.3 millimetres and a weight of 144 grams, I can say that it is as light as a bird. I

t is very suitable for one-handed use, as the screen size is small and the case size is small and light. If we talk about the screen, a 4.7 INCH IPS LCD retina panel welcomes us. This screen comes with a very sharp pixel density, such as HD plus resolution 326 PPI pixel density. On the colour performance side, when we encounter a successful screen in SE 2022, I have to mention that.

The DCI P3 colour space is 100%. coverage of this appendix I can say that the details that make the screen stand out, make sure the visual experience it gives while watching anything on this screen or playing a game is at a level that will not feel like an HD Plus screen. But at this point, it is necessary to clearly distinguish the.

iPhone SE 2022’s screen is not bad

iPhone SE 2022’s screen is not bad, but Amoled, Oled base It doesn’t offer as good an experience as the screens, but I can say that the average user will be satisfied. When we look at the chipset side, I think the most important improvement of this phone is in the chipset part, here it is very, very clearly the most performance and most efficient processor in the mobile world, namely the Apple A15 Bionic chip.

Neural Engine Artificial Intelligence of 16 cores, which is not found in competitors, is in one of us. Especially, we can say that battery optimization and camera capabilities go one step higher. pub ols Whether it’s high-graphics games like un Kenshin impact We don’t have the slightest problem in this kind of games, but I don’t think this phone can be bought for game-oriented use. You Can Also Read The Cheapest 5G Phone! Samsung Galaxy A13 5G Detailed Review Camera and Pubg Test.

Because if your fingers are a little big, the screen is already small, so it seriously disrupts the inside and gameplay while playing games. It will please you in every sense. I can say that a very nice camera is used for its price. Although this camera is not as good as the iPhone 13, of course, I can say that it is one of the best in its price range, with newly added capabilities such as.

Especially high dynamic range from this iPhone SE 3 SE 2022

Smart HDR 4 and DeepFusion, and especially high dynamic range from this iPhone SE 3 SE 2020 more about a can give successful results, the differences here are not at a level that will affect the daily life of a general user, so if you are a SE 2020 user, the camera improvement will not affect you too much. In general, in environments.

Where the light source is sufficient, we can get good performance with the SE 2022, especially since the colours are very natural. I can say from the details, on the video side, we can shoot stable videos with 4 k 60 fps OIS, which is close to professional, without any shaking, we can say that the SE 2022 is one of the models that can be preferred for content production, but unfortunately.

There is no improvement. 7-megapixel Iphone 8 camera Exactly On the camera side, I think this device does a good job, the biggest shortcoming is that you don’t have ultra-wide drinking, and wide-angle photos are not your priority, I think it will do our job as the main camera. Now look, when we look all around, our ancestors have grown in this series, just like the other iPhone models of this year .

These times on the iPhone SE 3

The 2022 battery performance has improved noticeably compared to SE 2020. We can see an average of up to seven hours of screen time on this device, but in game-oriented use, these times on the iPhone SE 3 can go down to 3 hours and 3.5 hours. I can say that the growth of your battery and the fact that your processor is 5 nm are serious pluses. iOS 15.4 consumes a lot of battery on all iPhone models .

I think that the battery performance will improve one step further with the updates, as you know, in the security part, we have the classic second generation TouchID Sensor, so tell me, although no improvement has been made, I have to say that it works very stable and fast. Whether the saturation level in the sounds is very satisfactory, the software part comes with iOS 15.4 installed at the moment, and I think that.

iPhone SE 3 will be a good choice for those who aim for long-lasting use that will continue to receive updates until at least iOS 22. You will not have the slightest problem in terms of software and performance, but the 64 GB version may cause problems in this process. Therefore, it is also useful to turn to models with a minimum of 128 GB. Besides.

General assessment of the iPhone SE 2022

While wifi 6 supports Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC technology, we also have a 5G device, obviously, iPhone SE 3 general understanding It made me very happy with its timeliness, and it stands out with its hardware and 5G support. Now, let’s take a look at the price and make a general assessment of the iPhone SE 2022, friends First of all if you live in Europe or America, the iPhone SE 3 in the 400 $ band should be preferred.

It may be a logical choice for those who want to use a device with powerful hardware and at the same time buy a 5 G-supported device, but when I think about the prices in our country, we can buy the iPhone SE 2022 for 11.000 TL at the moment. I do not recommend the iPhone se 3, But here I will give a tactic.

SE 3 can currently be sold on Apple’s site for 20,000 TL, but in stores like Trendyol Hepsiburada, we can buy iPhone 13 for 2000-2500 TL cheaper, I can say that everything will be the same, so if you wait for about a month, you can easily find iPhone SE 2022 in the 9500 TL band. Don’t be an immediate price drop as the iPhone SE 3 just came out at the moment But if you wait for a month and a half, I think we can find the iPhone SE at a more affordable and affordable price. When it comes to the 9000 9500 TL band, which we said, this device will become a very affordable iPhone SE 2022.