CAN I BUY IPHONE X IN 2022? CAMERA AND PUBG TEST. I can say that it is a phone with the best quality you can buy, let me tell you that there is a glass surface on our back cover, as well as the feeling of holding in the hand, let me say that it feels more premium than the base model iPhone 12 Even iPhone 13, but we have a disadvantage here, especially the frames can be scratched very quickly second hand.

The iPhone x camera module is positioned

Let me point out that you may encounter scratches around the case, no matter how clean it tries to be used, while the iPhone x camera module is positioned vertically, and the Apple logo is not in the middle of the back cover. When we look at the bottom of our phone, we can see the speaker lighting, charging port and microphone.

While the power button is located on the right, we can see the mute button and volume controllers on the left, but unfortunately, our device does not have a 3.5 mm headphone jack. In terms of forehead and weight, the iPhone X has a thickness of 7.7 millimetres and a weight of 174 grams, so when we use the phone without a case, let me tell you that it does not feel as heavy and thick as today’s flagship devices.

We see that it is not here, we see that the screen structure with a very thin bezel and the notch is used. Our screen-to-body ratio is 79%, and although we can see the screen-to-body ratios of up to 85 – 90%, it is a good value for a five-year-old device. One of the most important advantages of the phone is that it has ten panels .

Our 5.8-inch full HD plus resolution screen

We can see Dolby Vision and HDR 10 support on our 5.8-inch full HD plus resolution screen with a very high pixel density of 458 PPI. But unfortunately, it comes with a 60 Hz refresh rate that distinguishes this phone from today’s phones. Apart from that, the screen is in the colour scale according to the environment it is in. In this way, let me say that it takes on a structure that is more pleasing to our eyes .

Let me tell you with confidence, on the chipset part of our phone, we see the first generation bionic processor, that is, the apple A11 Bionic chipset, and let me tell you that this processor is also in the Neural Engine Artificial Intelligence unit. In this way, Face ID technology and augmented reality applications can work much more efficiently and perform on your device with 3 GB iOS .

There is a sufficient amount of RAM for the ecosystem. Let me state that we have 64 and 256 GB storage options. I think that the 64 GB model may be enough for users who do not have too many photos and videos on the phone, now if we talk about performance, this device can easily play at 60 FPS in PUBG, even though it is a five-year-old phone.

We can use iPhone X without any problems

I can say that we can get a very fluent and stable game performance. Of course, when you play games for about half an hour, your phone gets hotter. For daily use, we can use iPhone X without any problems even in the iOS 15 version, even if the applications are open in the background, it does not cause us a slowdown problem .

I will give you very important information here, if your battery health is 80% and above, our processor is working at full capacity, that is, devices with good battery health. Otherwise, you will experience poor performance. That’s why the battery health of this device is among the most important details, now when we move from the hardware to the camera part. You Can Also Read Redmi Note 10 Pro in 10 MONTH 2022.

We are at the back with our dual camera system, our main camera and our auxiliary camera with a resolution of 12 megapixels, our wide-angle secondary camera serves as a telephoto lens. While the camera has an f1.8 diaphragm, we can see an f2.4 diaphragm in the telephoto camera. As for the photo shooting quality, it can give us a very good performance whether it’s colours or contrast ratios in sunlight .

While we can provide 60 FPS support in 4K in the video shooting section

However, I have to state that it is successful compared to its price, while we can provide 60 FPS support in 4K in the video shooting section, let me tell you that we have the Optical Image stabilizer on our device. In this way, the videos we shoot are high quality. Although it is not very successful in photography, it has a sufficient level of performance for most people.

On the video side, I can say that it is much ahead of its Android competitors in its price range, both in portrait mode with its main camera and rear camera. Apart from that, if we talk about the front camera, we see a 7-megapixel f2.2 aperture hdr and artificial intelligence-supported camera positioned inside the notch. There are two big disadvantages to the cameras.

First of all, the angles of the cameras are narrow. In addition, we can say that they are bad on both cameras in low light performance. It can offer us a camera that will meet the needs of the average user. If you are a non-gaming user, you can make it through the day, but if you are someone who plays games for 2-3 hours during the day, this battery will run out towards the evening .

Face ID will not recognize your face, and iPhone x

As a security option, we can see FACE ID technology on our device. The reason why the city is so big is that many different sensors and auxiliary cameras are used here. Although it is a first-generation Face ID, we can say that it works quickly and smoothly. Of course, the angle of Face ID is a bit narrow here.

I have to mention that when you put the phone on the table or move it a little further, Face ID will not recognize your face, and iPhone x Stereo speakers have been presented to us on speakerphone, the performance of these speakers is more than enough, we can distinguish the sound transitions and they are also satisfactory in height.

It has an impressive performance, on the side of the wireless connection, there is Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5.0 technology, while 5 G support Of course, our device does not have water and dust resistance, it can withstand 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes with IP 67, so let me tell you that it does not have very high durability.

iPhone x I think is ahead of other iPhone models

Therefore, I say avoid liquid contact iPhone x I think is ahead of other iPhone models in its price range. In terms of game performance, 60 fps can offer a very good experience. Many Android devices with a 120 Hz screen and almost all high-end phones, including the iPhone 13 Pro Max, can give a 60 FPS gaming experience.

On the one hand, they lag behind current phones in terms of performance. We can say that this device is not real If you ask what is the oldest device and what are its cons, we can say that its battery is less compared to today’s phones. In addition, we can add that the update support is less than the cons. You can see the Updates so far as a disadvantage, but we certainly do not encounter a slowdown problem on the iPhone X.

The iPhone x It will not cause you any problems

Of course, as I said here emphatically, battery performance is a very important factor in the overall performance of the device. If your battery health is above 80 – 85%, the iPhone x It will not cause you any problems for many years, that is, the iPhone x, which has a healthy battery, will be able to do its job for 3-4 more years. There is a very important point to consider here, as we will buy this device second-hand.

I say because Face ID can also be easily corrupted. It’s not a technology, the biggest reason for this is the fact that its screen has been replaced with a sub-industry screen, as well as not only Face ID but also True Tone support, which is one of the technologies that can be damaged, the most important aspect of this phone is the screen quality and Face ID technology.