BEST PRICE Xiaomi Redmi Note 11S Review Camera and Pubg Test

BEST PRICE Xiaomi Redmi Note 11S Review Camera and Pubg Test
BEST PRICE Xiaomi Redmi Note 11S Review Camera and Pubg Test

Introduction Of BEST PRICE Xiaomi Redmi Note 11S Review Camera and Pubg Test

BEST PRICE Xiaomi Redmi Note 11S Review Camera and Pubg Test. let’s start with the design details of the Note 11s without further ado. Let’s start with the design details of the Xiaomi redmi Note 11s, which is a little different from other members of the Note 11 family here.

The note 11s from the thickness

It comes with a slightly more rounded oval design name. Apart from that, a plastic Player is given in the frames that I will cover at the back. In addition, I need to specify when a frosted glass is used on the back cover, and when it leaves a little too many fingerprints, let me tell you the note 11s from the thickness and weight part, 8 millimetres thick and 179 grams and weight.

While we see the perforated camera design on the front, while the side frames and the upper frame are thinned, I have to say that a small gap is left in the chin, with the screen-to-body ratio, we can see a design that captures today’s technology, the camera is not too much on the protrusion. As for the first colour, I can say that it is in slightly dark grey tones, so it is not completely black and not grey, such a beautiful colour comes across.

The 6.43-inch Note 11 Pro

And besides, if I have to talk about the screen with a three-and-a-half-millimetre headphone jack on the note 11s, it is a little smaller than the 6.43-inch Note 11 Pro. we are facing a screen, accordingly, the pixel density has increased a bit in Banana. I can say that the panel used by Shamil here is very successful, be it the colours of the screen, the contrast ratio, or the phone in the middle segment.

The biggest factor in the success of the screen is that it can get the maximum brightness from the Note 11s screen, while it does not cause us any difficulty in seeing under sunlight or in closed environments. it becomes inspiring at the point of the screen Redmi Note 11s will surely please. Now, when we move from the screen to the hardware part.

We can see the mediatek helio g96 as the chipset here, while our 12-nanometer architecture processor does not give us any problems in general use, I can say that while using applications and application opening speeds, I can say that the storage is at a very satisfactory level 6gb RAM and 64 128 GB There are enough options for a phone, the memory card is positioned as we want, the game performance.

Note 11s’ I think this phone

We want can get 40-45 fps at the lowest settings in pubg, while it can give 30 fps in HD graphics, I can say that we can get a good experience in the game, but we can’t use the 90 Hz refresh rate here in the game. Of course, the biggest reason is that your processor will meet the screen refresh rate, because it does not give us the performance, but since our screen can offer 180 Hz sensitivity at the point of responsiveness.

We have an advantage over our competitors in terms of responsiveness, so still the screen is here. I can say that it gives us an advantage, but I can’t say that it is the best for its price. So this performance is not at a very good level, it does not cause any performance loss when we play games for two hours without interruption, but although rare, occasional FPS drops can be in intense explosion scenes Apart from that.

Note 11s’ I think this phone will take you without any problems for at least 2-3 years. In my opinion, if we go to the camera part, our main camera is 108 megapixels, 1.8 Samsung’s iso cell hm2 sensor, secondary camera 8 megapixels Ultra wide angle and macro depth detection cameras. When we look at the valued photo shoot quality, the main camera gives good results.

Note 11s and MIUI 13 work

On the video side, we can only shoot full HD 30fps videos, but it managed to surprise me compared to most mid-segment devices in terms of preventing vibrations. or we don’t meet the video performance, I found it successful. Now if we look at the front, we see a camera with a 16-megapixel f2.4 diaphragm. This camera can also shoot eager videos in full HD 30fps .

Now, if we look at the battery quickly, the motor comes out of the box with a 5000-milliampere battery with v33 Watt fast charging support. We can fully charge this battery in an average of 10 minutes. Material Performance is also more than sufficient during the day. If you don’t play a lot of games, I can say that it performs up to 1.5 – 2 days, but if you play a lot of games during the day, the screen time can decrease to 5-6 hours.

It comes with 13. Let me tell you that the update support will continue for three years. I can say that the software performance is stable. Note 11s and MIUI 13 work in an integrated way. It’s average, but the sound quality is not bad, it just fell short of my expectation, however, Stereo speakers are an important advantage, whether watching movies or playing games, Redmi Note 11s without 5 G support is also ip53 certified against water and dust.

The Xiaomi Note 11s

I have to say that this reader, which is integrated into the power button and is protected by the power button, works well. A really fast fingerprint reader is included in the Xiaomi Note 11s. Now, let me talk about all the experiences in the general evaluation section. Let me try to talk about these, first of all, we are against a really good device in the screen and camera part.

I can say that it makes me happy in this regard, especially since the photo performance on the camera side is successful, even if we do not have 4K support in the video part, supports full HD 30 fps It works well. I have to say that I find it successful in preventing vibrations compared to the middle segment device. Apart from that. You Can Also Read Best Phones In 2022 Phone Recommendations.

The engine has a bit of performance that will not let a general user down, but 3-4 hours or even more games during the day. If you are playing Redmi Note 11s, I have to say that the battery performance that it offers someone can do this in this here with 5000 milliampere battery and 33-watt fast charging support this device is very we can charge fast but here your processor has 12nm architecture point.

Redmi Note 11S

Although the battery performance is more than enough for us in daily use, especially when we do things such as games that will force the processor or narrow the heart, it causes 20 – 25% more battery consumption compared to daily use. For example, Galaxy M52, one of the biggest rivals of Redmi Note 11S, has a game-oriented performance.

In a focused use, it gives better results on the battery side and I have to say that when the engine gets hot in terms of heating, the camera side is a ton. An outdated processor that lagged behind the times was used. If an up-to-date processor from the Mediatek Dimensity series was included here, I can say that the availability of Note 11s would have increased even more .

I wouldn’t prefer this Fiat Panda. While there are phones that use chipsets like Snapdragon 778 860, it doesn’t make much sense to me to buy the Note 11es, but if you buy it, it’s not a device that will upset you, as I said, if you don’t have too much heat and high-performance expectations, I can honestly say that you can choose this device as back. When we look at it, the Redmi Note 11 series is a disappointing series at this point, I think the Note 11s is the best price-performance device in this series.