Best Price Performance 5 Xiaomi Phones In 2022

Best Price Performance 5 Xiaomi Phones In 2022
Best Price Performance 5 Xiaomi Phones In 2022

Introduction Of Best Price Performance 5 Xiaomi Phones In 2022

Best Price Performance 5 Xiaomi Phones In 2022. Inch size is LCD with 60 Hz refresh rate comes in full HD resolution, a nice screen is presented to us according to the price, this screen is under the sun with a value of 400 nits. In the chipset part, your device has a very good processor for its price. We see the mediatek Hello g80 processor here. This processor is accompanied by 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage space.

Redmi 9 Pubg can give a game experience

For now, I can say that the price of this model is in the 2600 TL band, not in terms of gaming performance, Redmi 9 Pubg can give a game experience at an average of 30 frames. When we move to the camera part, we look at our second camera with a 13- megapixel f2.2 aperture and artificial intelligence support. f2.4 4 Macro shooting Finally, our fourth camera is a 2-megapixel f2.4 depth detection camera.

When we look at the front camera, we see an 8-megapixel f2.0 aperture portrait and HDR-supported camera inside the drop notch, with both the rear and front cameras in the walking part. We can shoot videos in full HD 30 frames, if we switch to the battery side, our device will have 5020 milliamps .

A battery and 18 w fast charging support have been presented in front of us, let me state that it can easily be taken out one day as battery performance, let’s say that there is an 18-watt adapter inside the box, its value in thickness and weight is 9.1 millimetres thick and 198 grams in weight. Our cover has a plastic structure, while the.

Android 11 and miui 12.5 interfaces

Android 11 and miui 12.5 interfaces are present on our device, as well as a security solution, both a face recognition feature and a fingerprint reader placed on the back are offered to us. On the screen side, a surgical panel with a 1080x 2400 full HD plus resolution with a size of 6.43 and a pixel density of 409 PPI was used.

If we look at the hardware part of the Redmi Note 10s, we encounter the Hello g95 processor, which we saw in the seventh, specially developed by mediatek for players, together with this processor, it provides a smooth game experience between 40 45 fps in stable and fluent graphics in pubg and 60 fps in hdr graphics.

This phone is a phone that can meet the needs of those who have high-level expectations in terms of quality and those who want high performance on the gaming side, besides, let’s say that our phone has 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, while the 64GB model can buy 4000 TL, while the 128GB one can get 4100 TL if we switch to the camera of our phone.

64-megapixel f1.79 aperture HDR Artificial Intelligence

A quad camera system greets us on the back, and a 64-megapixel f1.79 aperture HDR Artificial Intelligence-supported quality sensor is used on our main camera. depth sensing k On the front part of the camera, 13-megapixel f2.45 diaphragm with HDR and artificial intelligence support and the front camera welcomes us. As for video shooting performance, we can shoot full HD 30fps videos with the rear camera of our phone up to 4K 30 FPS.

When we switch from the camera to the battery side, we can shoot the redmi Note 10 s 5000 milliampere battery and 33-watt fast charging, let’s say that there is a 33-watt adapter in our box. In terms of software, the Redmi Note 10S, which comes out of the box with Android 11 and mini 12.5, has a thickness of 8.29 millimetres and a weight of 178 grams, as well as our frames. In addition, let’s say that our phone.

It also includes stereo speakers, and is protected against water and dust with the IP53 Certificate, then let’s say that our phone’s security options include a face recognition feature and a fingerprint reader integrated into the power button. When we come to the exam, let’s take a closer look at the Poco X3 Pro, the brother of the X3 NFC.

The POCO X3 Pro processor

Which is the most performance model up to 5000 TL, on the screen side, it comes with a 6.67 inch full HD plus resolution 120 Hz refresh and 240 Hz IPS LCD panel with touch sensitivity 5160 on the battery side. The POCO X3 Pro processor, which offers milliamperes and 33 watts of fast charging support, is very ambitious about the Snapdragon 860 processor, which is the flagship-level processor of snapdragon.

This processor is successful. I can say that it is the most successful device in the camera, it is a little behind the pokus program teams in terms of camera, 48-megapixel f 1.79 aperture, sony IMX 582 sensor poco x3 pro is also used. This camera supports Artificial Intelligence HDR and portrait mode.

When we look at the second camera, 8 megapixels f2.2 extra wide angle third and our fourth camera is f2 with a resolution of 2 megapixels. When we move on to the front camera, which comes with macro and depth detection cameras that come with .4 aperture, a nice camera with 20-megapixel resolution f2.2 aperture is used, which is positioned in the hole city, and a nice camera that offers portrait mode is used .

The POCO X3 Pro processor

In the video section, it offers 4K 30 FPS video shooting with the rear camera and full HD 30 fps video shooting on the front camera. X3 Pro, which comes with a serial speaker on the speaker, offers us the integrated fingerprint reader and face recognition feature, with security selected. Our Frames Poco X3 Pro.

Which has a plastic structure, and is 9.4 millimetres thick, it comes in front of us with a weight of 215 grams, obviously one of the heaviest and thickest devices in the X3 Pro segment, and finally, its prices are not yours, the model that comes with 128 Gb storage is currently 8GB RAM model in the 4700 TL band. we can find it around 5300 TL.

I recommend that you buy the model that comes with a short 8 GB RAM. Because in the long run, the 8GB RAM model will make more sense for long-term use with updates to both applications and games. In the fourth place on our list, POCO X3 is a more developed model of the Poco X3 Pro, especially in the camera and battery parts.

The Snapdragon 860 as a storage form

We see GT The screen of this device, which has a 6.67 IPS LCD panel, has a 120 Hz refresh and 240 Hz touch sensitivity, as well as a screen that offers a very nice visual experience that supports HDR 10. 8GB on the side, and lastly, a 128GB space is presented in front of us, this processor performs close to the Snapdragon 860 as a storage form. F1.79 aperture sees our main camera.

While I see my secondary camera z 8 megapixel f2.2 ultra wide angle and finally our third camera is 2-megapixel Macro shooting camera If we look at the front, here is a 16-megapixel F2.45 diaphragm hdr portrait and artificial intelligence supported beautiful front camera, and at the video shooting point, we have 4K on the rear camera.

While we can shoot 30 FPS shots, we can shoot full HD 30 frames with the front camera. Poco X3 GT comes with a 5000-milliampere battery and 67-watt fast charging support in the battery and fast charging part. Let me tell you that there is a 67-watt adapter inside the box. and with a weight of 193 grams, a plastic material structure has been used on both our back cover and our frames, but.

Poco X3 Pro in terms of the feel it gives

I can say that it is better than Poco X3 Pro in terms of the feel it gives. and on the speaker with Bluetooth 5.2 technology, St. Saying that our device, which comes with stereo speakers, is also protected with IP 53 Certificate in terms of water and dust resistance, its current price is in the 5600 TL band. But since these prices vary a lot, you can find the lowest current prices of the devices in the explanations section below.

Version 11 Lite 5g WHAT comes to us First of all, do not join, when you look at it, we can say that it has a really beautiful design, now our cover can leave some fingerprints, but with a thickness of 6.81 millimetres and a nice gram weight, it is one of the lightest and thinnest phones you can buy right now. glass frames on our back cover, we see a plastic structure.

11 Lite NE uses ufs 2.2 technology

When we look at the screen side, it comes with a very high-quality AMOLED panel equipped with beautiful technologies such as 6.55-inch full HD plus resolution, hdr 10 plus with 90 Hz refresh rate, and ten-bit colour depth. When you look at the chipset part, we can see the most successful processor of the snapdragon among the middle-upper segment, namely the 6nm architecture snapdragonDragon 778 g.

While we have two different storage options of 6 and 8 GB RAM and 128d 256 GB. At the storage format point, 11 Lite NE uses ufs 2.2 technology. we see now, when we move to the camera part, we see here a beautiful main camera with a 64-megapixel is-supported six-element lens and HDR support. In addition, there is an 8-megapixel Ultra wide-angle and 5-megapixel macro shooting camera at the video shooting point and 11 Lite NE.