5 Reasons to Buy a Xiaomi Phone? Reasons That Take Xiaomi

5 Reasons to Buy a Xiaomi Phone? Reasons That Take Xiaomi
5 Reasons to Buy a Xiaomi Phone? Reasons That Take Xiaomi

Introduction Of 5 Reasons to Buy a Xiaomi Phone? Reasons That Take Xiaomi

5 Reasons to Buy a Xiaomi Phone? Reasons That Take Xiaomi. As you can see in the title, we will take a closer look at the 5 most important reasons to buy a Xiaomi phone. I will talk about the loss of Xiaomi phones in second hand. When you look at it, I can say that this loss of value is at a minimum level, especially on the Apple side. If you use it in the city for a year.

This is not the case for Xiaomi phones

Maybe two years later, the prices have increased depending on the same price or the dollar rate. You will be able to sell this phone for a higher price at the prices we bought, but unfortunately, this is not the case for Xiaomi phones, frankly, this is a knee advantage for the sellers. Although it seems, I can say that it is advantageous for users who have a limited budget, especially.

Xiaomi’s newly released phones are not very price performance, we can easily find Xiaomi phones that came out a year or two ago at a much more affordable price, this is a really important advantage, I think Xiaomi, which came out a year or two ago phones still contain up-to-date technologies, I can say that they gave a good experience when we bought these phones .

It is not successful in other models in the best-selling Xiaomi phones. However, as I said, when you buy a second-hand Xiaomi phone, we can find much more affordable prices for one or two-year-old flagship devices, this is a really important advantage for the current middle-class Şamil devices, prices such as 350 400 $ It makes much more sense that we can find it at a much more affordable price on one side, rather than giving it to the flagships or mid-upper segment devices a year or two ago .

We compare it with other Android phones

Before, it was a brand that played the summit in excellent price performance. So, for this reason, the rapid loss of value on the second hand has turned into an advantage in terms of the user, now it is not our second reason, elbow. Here, I will talk about the general battery performance of a phone, when we compare it with other Android phones, at the moment.

If we compare the phone with the Samsun part, I think it is in a slightly different position in terms of battery performance and fast charging capabilities. So, battery performance is one of the most important reasons to buy a Xiaomi phone. Now, if we come to the third, this is a bit of a debate. I will talk about Shamil’s interface, the fruit that has brought the face of the earth. You Can Also Read BEST PRICE Xiaomi Redmi Note 11S Review Camera and Pubg Test.

There are very nice advanced features. Apart from that, I can say that the settings we can do are unlimited. Like the customizable Uz, we can say this on most devices for the Android side. However, I think Cemile earth is a little more prone to customization, I think it provides freedom and the features that come with updates are more accessible.

High-end Xiaomi phones are almost

We see that here, I can say that the variety has increased very seriously. Of course, not every device can handle these features, because it will cause problems such as slowing down, freezing, etc. Especially in lower middle segment devices, they do not bring all innovations to such affordable phones, but apart from this, middle-upper segment and high-end Xiaomi phones are almost.

I can say that all of them are getting these innovations Yes, the newly released Miles products can sometimes come with serious fish, that is, software problems, but Shamil can solve them quickly with small software patches in a short time. You can find and download them from the internet and use them easily, so you have the opportunity to pass the current versions much faster.

Also, the update is continuous, so the update support is very important at this point if you consider the 4 series front 13m model. k For example, Redmi Note 7 continues to receive updated versions. Let me tell you that it is currently in the MIUI2.5 version. I can say that it is successful by most of the manufacturers. Of course, we need to put Samsung in a slightly different corner here.

The phone that offers the best software

I can say that the phone that offers the best software on the update side is Samsung on the Android side. At the moment, I can say that it is an advantage of phones compared to Android models, besides, Indian software developers are also launching special software for Xiaomi phones. That is, even though it is a device with no update support, you can relax by downloading these different situations to your phone.

I think now what the fourth mean, one of the most important reasons, is how it can be done on a phone now and when we compare it to the price of Turkey, one of the most important advantages is that when we compare the price of Turkey, we can buy phones registered abroad at half the normal price. Currently.

We can find the Xiaomi 11T model from the series, which offers its flagship features in a device with a good price-performance balance, for 5700 TL bands abroad, and the current official price of this phone is 9 thousand 500 TL, which is sold for a price of up to 10.000 TL, that is, it is still half in the meantime. We are talking about a difference in half.

Especially on phones using processors

Frankly, despite this dollar rate, we can get a champion thing that can offer us the features of most flagship devices for 5700 TL. big game hunting Although IMEI cannot be assigned to some Xiaomi devices that come with Android 11, this feature continues, especially on phones using processors from the mediatek density series.

When I think about the taxes and the dollar rate, we can at least get rid of the taxes collected at a hundred per cent rate and bring such flagship devices abroad much more affordable. I also stated that we can use these devices for many years, and finally, for example, your phone’s screen is broken or its camera is broken, in such cases as well as about spare parts.

We do not have a problem when you go to the phone shop you want, most Xiaomi phones have almost all the parts, and the spare part prices are much more affordable than other brands, for example, let’s say our screen is broken. In other models, 600 700 TL is currently on one side, despite these dollar exchange rates, 400-500 TL. We can even find it at an even more affordable price.

Advantages like this make these phones cost-free for us now, in addition to the camera sensor motherboard, and all the other components of apple. It can be found in a much cheaper way than Samsung and I mean, unless something very good happens to the phone, I think it is really important that we encounter problems such as I will get this phone at this price, I will go and buy a new one, at least in this economy.